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McAlester’s Brynlee Ham – Cheer Spotlight – Presented by Fenton Nissan of McAlester

By Payton Moody 

Brynlee Ham is a senior cheerleader from McAlester High School who embodies leadership and a deep love for her sport. With a passion for cheer and a commitment to her teammates, Ham is making her mark as a leader on and off the mat.

Ham attributes her love for cheerleading to Coach Trisha Wittliff, who coached her during her first year in cheer. “She pushed me to be the best I could be and always believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself,” Ham said. 

Teammates often provide the support and inspiration needed to excel in any sport. For Ham, Lexi Watts has been that teammate. “She always made me want to do better,” Ham said. “She is such a great leader, and I look up to her not only as a cheerleader but as a person.”

McAlester’s Brynlee Ham

In the classroom, Mrs. Hutchison holds a special place in Ham’s heart: “She inspired my little fourth-grade self so much. She’s the reason I want to become a teacher!” 

Preparing for the upcoming season, Ham and her team committed to early morning practices at 7 a.m. and participated in summer pride workouts alongside other athletes. 

One of the valuable life lessons that cheer has taught Ham is resilience. “Cheer is a lot of trial and error,” she said. “You may not always get it on the first try, and that’s okay! You get back up and keep trying until you get it.”

As a leader, Ham’s primary goal for the season is to boost her team’s confidence, especially since they are a young and relatively inexperienced group. Looking ahead, she hopes to see her team return to Nationals and secure a top five spot.

Post-graduation, Ham plans to attend college to continue cheerleading and pursue a degree in English education. Her journey as a cheerleader has not only fueled her passion for the sport but has also inspired her future career path.

Brynlee Ham is more than just a cheerleader; she is a leader, a student and a future educator who carries the spirit of McAlester High School with pride.

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