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McAlester’s Caden Lesnau – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Pepsi of McAlester

By Payton Moody 

Caden Lesnau is the senior starting quarterback for the McAlester Buffaloes, whose impressive stats and unwavering dedication are evident both on and off the field. As a dynamic quarterback, Lesnau’s skills and leadership abilities are setting him up for a promising future.

Lesnau’s football journey has been molded by influential coaches, and he reserves a special place for Coach Mazey. “He has had a big impact on me not only as a football player but a man,” Lesnau said. Coach Mazey’s guidance has taught him resilience and perseverance, qualities that have made him a stronger athlete and individual.

Among his teammates, Caden finds inspiration in Ethan Watkins. Their shared journey dates back to third grade, fostering a bond that has pushed them to excel. “We have pushed each other ever since then,” Lesnau said. 

Lesnau’s appreciation extends to his educators, with a special mention for Chrissy Guthrie, his sixth grade teacher. “She pushed me through school and even pushed me to be better on the football field,” he said. 

Off-season preparation has been paramount for Lesnau, as he focused on gaining weight and honing his skills. “I worked out and forced myself to eat,” he said. 

Through football, Lesnau has learned invaluable life lessons. “Football has taught me to not sit and dwell on something if it didn’t go your way but to have a short-term memory and move on to the next,” he said. 

Among the cherished memories, one stands out for Lesnau – a riveting game against Del City. Despite being behind throughout the game, the team’s unwavering determination led them to an exhilarating victory. “We won the game by 1 point,” Lesnau recounts.

Looking ahead, Lesnau’s goals are both personal and collective. “My team goals this year are to win the gold ball obviously, and become not just teammates but brothers,” he said. 

Anticipating the season’s challenges, Lesnau is excited about matchups against strong opponents like Coweta, Del City and Carl Albert. 

Beyond high school, Lesnau envisions a future in college, aiming for both athletic and academic success. “I plan to get my coaching and teaching degree,” he said, showcasing his commitment to giving back to the game that has shaped him.

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