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McAlester’s Owen Russell – Athlete Spotlight Presented by Excel Therapy

By Payton Moody

Owen Russell is a senior football player at McAlester High School whose passion and dedication to the game have set him apart as a standout athlete. With his impressive stats and unwavering commitment, Russell is ready to make a lasting impact on the field.

Russell’s journey in football has been shaped by dedicated coaches, and he credits Coach Harmon as his favorite throughout his career. “He has shown me so much and helped me be a better player,” Russell said. 

In the realm of teamwork, Russell acknowledges the support he’s received from his teammate Chase Faber. This camaraderie and mutual admiration within the team contribute to a positive and motivating environment.

Turning to education, Russell speaks highly of Coach Burgess, who served as both a teacher and mentor. “He helped me with whatever I needed help with,” Russell said. 

To ensure his peak performance for the upcoming season, Russell’s off-season preparation has been rigorous. “I worked as hard as I could and strived to be a better teammate and a better leader,” he says. 

Beyond the field, Russell recognizes the invaluable life lessons his sport has imparted. “Football has taught me to be the best I can at what I’m doing and have a better mentality about things,” he said. The discipline, determination and resilience developed through football are skills he carries into all aspects of his life.

As he heads into his senior season, Russell’s aspirations are high. “My main goal is to get better as the season goes on and get another shot at state,” he said. 

Anticipating the challenges ahead, Russell is particularly eager to face strong opponents. “I’m looking forward to matchups against Del City, Coweta, and hopefully Carl Albert,” he said. These matchups provide not only exciting games but also opportunities for growth and development.

As he looks beyond high school, Russell’s football journey is far from over. “My plans after high school are to play football at the college level,” he said, emphasizing his dedication to continuing his athletic career.

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