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Q&A with graduating McAlester tennis player Ashley Cathey – Presented by RibCrib

VYPE: How and when did you first start playing tennis?
Ashley Cathey: I started playing tennis my sophomore year of high school. I decided to start playing tennis because I saw people play on TV and it looked so fun!

VYPE: What do you enjoy most about playing the sport?
AC: What I enjoy most is getting to be outside and play with my friends while getting a free sun tan!

VYPE: What are your goals for this year and for your tennis-playing career?
AC: My goal for this year is to graduate and to learn and grow while I head on to a new chapter in my life. As for my tennis-playing career, I don’t plan to play competitively in college, but I will always make time to play in my free time. I hope to find a tennis club or organization on my college campus involving tennis.

VYPE: What’s something everybody should know about Ashley but some may not?
AC: I may seem like a quiet person, but once you get to know me I love to have deep and meaningful conversations. I also love cottage cheese and most people don’t!

VYPE: What are your cats’ names?
AC: My cats’ names are Crash and Eddie. They are named after the [o]possums from Ice Age.

VYPE: What are your proudest accomplishments in life so far?
AC: Nothing that I’ve done in my life so far will compare to what I desire to do in my future.

VYPE: What’s a good book you’ve read in the past year?
AC: A great book that I read recently was called “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks is one of my favorite authors. I also enjoyed a book called the “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard.

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