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McAlester mom of the month – Jennifer Watkins – Presented by Kennedy Eyecare

Jennifer Watkins is a busy McAlester baseball mom of five sons.

Ethan, the youngest of the Watkins clan, is a junior jack of all trades for the Buffaloes. Drew lives nearby and attends Ethan’s games with the Amos’, his maternal family. Jacob, Jeffrey and Taylor listen to games on livestreams and radio broadcasts.

Wakins considers herself and husband Robert “super fans” of their sons’ athletic careers, supporting from the stands and through their involvement with the team.

“Volunteer work is a core value in my family and Robert and I try to continue that legacy,” Watkins said. “Our current volunteer work with McAlester Buffaloes Baseball includes working at the field in whatever capacity that may be, helping with feeding the team, of course fundraising and showing up for the team.”

Watkins strives to volunteer for the welfare of the team and not for personal gain.

“I try to stay modest and humble, and every minute I put into working on things for baseball is for the benefit of the student-athletes and their families,” Watkins said.

The kids, specifically but not limited to hers, are “worth every late night, every mile driven and every extra errand.

“I want to leave them feeling valued and loved,” Watkins said. “There are few things more precious to parents than watching their child do what they love.” She continued. “I want to build them up in their successes and sow a seed of giving back with all their heart and energy. There is always someone looking up to you and we need to show them good and a heart to serve others,” Watkins said.

McAlester baseball supporters can give their support with donations or with their time, Watkins said.
“I believe in team sports and the relationships built, the character and mutual respect earned
and won as a team,” Watkins said. “With support and cheering fans, it just wouldn’t be the same experience for anyone.”

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