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Underclassman spotlight – McAlester basketball player Katelynn Allen – Presented by team captain sponsor McAlester Dentistry

Just like with anything else in life, athletes have to be willing to do what is required to be successful in their sport. Katelynn Allen is a student-athlete at McAlester High School and she says that she has invested time and energy and she knows it pays off. 

“It takes a lot to reach the goals you set for yourself,” she said. “You have to work and be able to stay focused on where you want to get. My biggest motivation would have to be my family. Because of their support, I want to work hard and make them proud. The highlight moment of my career would have to be when we won the state championship during my freshman year. It was a great moment that I was able to experience with my teammates.”

A sophomore at McAlester, Allen is a shooting guard on the Lady Buffaloes basketball team. She says that whenever she steps out on the basketball court wearing the McAlester uniform, it is something that she is proud to be able to do.

“For me, representing my school means to have both feet in and be ready to work at every practice so that I am ready to compete when the time comes.”

Jarrod Owen is the head basketball coach of the McAlester girl’s basketball team. He says that while Allen is a younger member of the team, she is already making an impact.

“Katie is a big-time shooter,” Owen said. “And as a sophomore, she is looking to contribute right off the tip.”

Throughout her life, Katelynn has had some people that have had an impact on her life, both as an individual and an athlete. 

“My biggest role model would have to be my brother, Cole,” she said. “We are close and he is a really great person to look up to. Elaine Clift is the coach who first got me into basketball. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be where I am today. I am thankful for all of my teammates, but I enjoy working with Tori Kilburn the most because we push each other to be better.”

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