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McAlester Cheerleaders Earn Top Honors – Presented by Kennedy Eyecare

The 12 members of the McAlester cheer squad rocked it in every event as the energetic Buffs proved to be the “Best of the Best” at the National Cheerleader Association’s cheer camp held on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman.  

“Our squad was setting the standard of excellence,” said cheer coach Jarah Atkins, now in her seventh season. “On day two, all 12 members of our team were nominated for All-American honors. I’ve never had that happen. Believe me our girls were outstanding.”

McAlester cheerleaders Lexi Watts, Brynlee Ham, Alyssa Loudermilk and Ava Thomas were named to the All-American team. The group received Superior ribbons on every routine including band chant, team cheer and chant. 

Altogether, McAlester cheerleaders brought home a trophy case full of honors including:

Top Team Cheer
Top All Around Team- “Herkie” award
Stunt Safe Award
Nationals bid for 2022
Technical Excellence in Choreography
Technical Excellence in Prop Incorporation

Team members include 2022 seniors Gabbi Anderson and Brinley Lewis along with juniors Lexi Watts, Magen Monks, Presley Monroe, Rylee Monroe, Eva Hanes, Ava Thomas and Brooklynn Davis plus sophomores Alyssa Loudermilk, Hannah Schwarz and Brynlee Ham.  McAlester cheer coaches are Jarah Atkins and Brooke Mason. 

“This team is very special and close. I see a great season ahead,” said Atkins in a voice of excitement. “I am so proud of how hard they worked.”

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