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McAlester’s Christopher Whaley – Tennis Q&A – Presented by Fenton Nissan of McAlester

VYPE: What positions do you play?

Christopher Whaley: I play both singles and doubles in tennis.

VYPE: What motivates you?

CW: I am motivated by the support of my friends and family, and also by my want to be the best that I can be in any activity.

VYPE: Who are some of your biggest influences or role models? Why?

CW: My coach and my band directors are big influences because they are amazing at what they do, and they are great at helping others to learn what is needed.

VYPE: What has it taken to be successful in your sports?

CW: To get where I am today required a lot of perseverance, conditioning and practice.

VYPE: What has been the highlight moment of your career?

CW: The highlight moment of my career has been qualifying for state last May with my doubles partner Alex Jurkiewicz.

VYPE: Is there an opponent that you enjoy beating the most? Why?

CW: I enjoy playing teams that are close rivals to my skills and make the winner seem indeterminable.

VYPE: Which teammate do you enjoy working against the most with in practice? Why?

CW: I enjoy playing against my friend Wyatt Phillips at practice because he is very skilled and does not quit. It’s frustrating sometimes but fun in the long term.

VYPE: What clubs and campus activities are you involved with?

CW: I am involved in the high school’s woodwind choir and jazz band. I also attend the Fellowship of Christian Athletes on Wednesdays.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

CW: After high school, I plan on going to college with an interest in music.

VYPE: What does it mean to you to represent your school and community when you play?

CW: To represent my school and community when I play means a lot to me. I want to use the skill that God has given me to make everyone proud. I shouldn’t take for granted the fact that I have been selected as one of six people to go to a tournament every week.

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