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McAlester’s Erica Galvez – Tennis Spotlight – Presented by Jim Jeffreys Shelter Insurance

Erica Galvez, a sophomore at McAlester High School, has found her niche both on the tennis court and in the music realm as a proud member of The Pride of McAlester Band. She successfully combines her passions and proudly represents her school and community, demonstrating her talent, drive and dedication.

For Erica, tennis is not just a sport but a passion that drives her to excel. “One of my biggest motives is making my parents, my coach, and my teammates proud of what I can accomplish,” she said, highlighting her strong sense of responsibility and commitment to those who support her.

When it comes to influences and role models, Erica looks up to her father. “My biggest role model is my dad. He is very hardworking and dedicated to the things he does and always pushes me to be better.” 

In the realm of education, coach Chris Burns stands out as a teacher who has had a profound impact on Erica’s life. “He sees and expects the best out of me and will push me to my best efforts,” she acknowledged, recognizing the mentorship and guidance that have helped her grow both as an athlete and as a person.

Success in tennis, according to Erica, requires dedication and hard work. Her achievements, including placing second in the Shawnee tournament, are a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence on the court.

Within her team, Erica values the competitive spirit fostered during practice, particularly with her teammate Chris Whaley. Their friendly rivalry pushes them both to improve and achieve greater heights in their tennis skills.

In addition to tennis, Erica is actively involved in The Pride of McAlester Band, showcasing her commitment to both sports and the arts.

Representing her school and community is not just a duty for Erica but a privilege and a source of gratitude. “It is a privilege for me to show my love and appreciation for the sport, I’m grateful McAlester High School and coach Burns has given me the opportunity to play.”

Looking ahead, Erica plans to attend OSU to pursue her forensic psychology degree while continuing her involvement in both band and tennis.

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