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McAlester’s June Thomas Athlete spotlight Presented by Patriot Chrysler 

By Payton Moody
On the McAlester High School Pom Squad, June Thomas stands out as a dedicated and
talented member of the team. With her passion for dance and unwavering commitment, she
has become a key player on the squad.
Thomas attributes much of her success to her favorite coach, Kacyn Haney. “She’s more
than just a coach; she’s been my mentor and motivator,” Thomas said. “Kacyn pushes me to
give my absolute best, both on and off the dance floor. Her unwavering positivity, even
during tough times, has left a lasting impact on me.”
It’s not just the coaches who shape an athlete’s journey; teammates also play a crucial role.
“A teammate that I admire is Alyson Dusenberry,” Thomas said. “She’s been my rock for the
past four years. Alyson’s support has been unwavering; she’s been there through thick and
Thomas also found inspiration in the classroom in Mr. Calaway. “He’s more than a teacher;
he’s been a mentor and a friend,” she said. “Mr. Calaway’s unwavering support throughout
the school year, especially when I’m juggling academics and my passion for dance, has been invaluable.”
Thomas has made some memories in dance that she will forever cherish: “A favorite
memory in my sport would be going to Disney World for Nationals and spending time as a
Dance demands constant dedication, even during the off-season. “I’ve put in a lot of work
during the off-season,” Thomas said. “Staying active in the studio and honing the skills I
want to improve on has been my top priority.”
But it’s not just about dance moves; it’s also about life lessons. “Dance has taught me
resilience,” Thomas said. “It’s a sport that challenges you physically and mentally, and
those lessons extend far beyond the dance floor.”
With her sights set on the future, Thomas is excited for her senior year. “This season, I hope
to see our team return to OSSAA Gameday and placing higher than third.”
Beyond high school, Thomas aspires to attend Oklahoma State University and pursue a
degree in business. Her journey, both on and off the dance floor, is a testament to her
unwavering dedication and determination.

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