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McAlester’s Casey Woods Athlete Spotlight Presented by Kennedy Eye Care

By Payton Moody
With a dedication to the sport that’s both inspiring and unwavering, Casey Woods is a true
asset to the McAlester High School softball team.
Woods has had some influential coaches shaping her sports career. “Throughout my
softball journey, Coach Jones has been my guiding light,” she said. “She was my coach from
2nd grade until 9th grade, and she’s the one who taught me the ropes of softball. Coach
Jones didn’t just teach me the game; she supported me through personal challenges too.
Her impact on me as a player and as a person is immeasurable.”
In team sports, the bonds with teammates often become strong friendships. “I deeply
admire and appreciate my fellow juniors: Shylie, Avery and Audrey,” Woods said. “We’ve
played together for years, and we know each other inside and out. The support we provide
each other on and off the field is what makes us a family.”
When it comes to her favorite teacher, Woods credits Mrs. Suttles. “Her upbeat, humorous
personality makes her classes enjoyable,” Woods said. “Her positive approach to teaching
has made me look forward to learning.”
Preparation is key in sports, and Woods knows this well. “During the off-season, I stay
game-ready by playing travel ball over the summer,” she said. “With practices and
tournaments during the week, I make sure I’m in top form for the school ball season.”
Beyond the softball diamond, the sport has taught Woods valuable life lessons. “Softball has
instilled in me the importance of resilience,” she explains. “It’s about staying strong when
the odds are against you and pushing yourself even harder.”
Looking ahead to the current season, Woods hopes for growth: “This season, I hope we all
learn from our mistakes and work to never repeat them. Continuous improvement is our
Beyond high school, Woods envisions a future in nursing. “I plan to attend college with my
brother and follow in my mom’s footsteps by becoming a nurse,” she said.
As Woods steps up to the plate for the McAlester Lady Buffs, she brings not only her talent
but also her unyielding commitment to the game.

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